Yoga Challenge: Sun Salutation

Today I would like to challenge ourselves for 14 days. The challenge will consist of practicing yoga every morning for 5 minutes with the sun salutation postures. 

Why the sun salutation postures? The real meaning of yoga is union or link. The purpose of the yogi is to connect his body, his breath, his mind and the universe together. How can they all be connected? By the sun, giving life and light to your soul. Suryanamaskar.

Every morning, before any other activity like taking a shower or preparing breakfast, try to find a silent room in your house, put your phone away and try to give a few minutes to yourself: to breath, to thank for, to smile, to rise and shine. Place your mat heading East, open your eyes and start breathing very deeply. Every sun salutation starts and ends with the mudra symbolized by joined hands in front of your heart. This posture is to honor the present moment. Try to forget everything around you while remaining completely aware, keeping a real peaceful but competitive spirit in you. Stay humble, kind, fit, determined and most of all happy. The first hours of the day are usually the best for your body as he gets new energy, new breath and new light so be positive to embrace a new day.

A regular practice of yoga allows to boost your metabolism, to improve your flexibility, to stay fit, to clear your mind, to enhance your concentration and balance, to improve your blood pressure, to release stress and to give you a great feeling of well-being. While practicing, do not forget to always inhale and exhale with your nose and do not give up if your flexibility is not at its best the first days. 

So as you might understood, the challenge will consist of practicing yoga, the sun salutation postures every morning for 5 minutes for 14 days. Really try to reproduce the same  posture as the picture below and to maintain each of them for a minimum of 5 seconds. I'll keep track on my progress and feeling about this challenge and I'll be looking forward to have yours as well!