Café Marlette. Paris

You may all already know Marlette, at least for her cakes' preparation that you can find in every organic shop but do you know that they recently open the Café Marlette? A place where you can eat homemade, organic, fresh and delicious food! As a sunday brunch addict, I went there to test it and I've to say that I spent a delicious time! 

The place is located on the famous street Rue des Martyrs in the 9th area in South Pigalle. The front coffee is really cute, with a little terrasse in the front with flowers and colorful chairs and tables. The sun was shining when I came and it was beautiful. Inside, the atmosphere is really cosy with a big shelf with all the cake preparation presented, therefore you cannot leave the place without buying one of these preparation, it is too tempting! Waiters speak english, the music is soft and happy, the decoration look likes scandinavian style, in a few words: you feel home! 

On the menu, you can choose among four different breakfast/brunch. Starting from 16.50€ with a classic french breakfast with croissant, tartine, jam, coffee and cold pressed juice to 25€ with a complete brunch adding ham and cheese, granola and yogurt, fruits salads, soup, a soft boiled egg and of course a sweet taste to end up the brunch: a pastry of you choice. I have to say that everything was delicious, from the homemade jam to the soup and of course the pastries we took: a scone and a carrot cake were light, fluffy and very tasty. 

There is no reservation and the place is small so I advice you to get up early and to go with just a friend, more than three can become difficult. This brunch is a perfect match when you wanna eat homemade and organic food, in a cosy atmosphere with a friend. 

Café Marlette, 51 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris - Métro: Cadet (M7), Pigalle (M2 M12) Anvers (M2) Brunch every saturday and sunday