Organic Beauty Products

It's been a few months now that I'm eating healthier than usual, that l have reduced my alcohol consumption, that I'm going to the gym regularly and for some reasons that I ignore I have pimples on my face that are driving me crazy. I'm not a very "girly" person, I don't have a lot of beauty products, I just apply a moisturizer every morning and a light cream every night, I don't even wear make-up, so my skin should be breathing to the fullest and being clean, but no. So, I tried to think about how to improve the beauty of my skin, I drunk water, applied some adult acne cream, washed my face every morning and night with some special cleanser and even after all I have done, the pimples were still there. But then I thought about a very good friend of mine, a real beauty queen, who a few months ago changed all of her beauty products like Kiehl's and Estee Lauder for organic ones like Doctor Hauschka and Weleda, I thought it was a very good idea but I don't know why I didn't do it for myself as well. But it is true that if I'm most of the time nourishing my body with natural and organic foods, why do I still keep using chemical products on my face? That doesn't make any sense! Therefore, I run a test: zero cosmetic product at all for a whole week. And guess what? Even after 2 days, my skin was feeling a bit better, after 4 days I had no more pimples but still some marks and at the end of the week, my skin was cleaner, flawless and has a fresher looking. But as I cannot live like a hippie in a jungle, wearing no cream, serum or make-up and that I'm 25 after all, I have decided the next day, to go to Biocoop, an organic shop close to my flat (so great) to buy some beauty products. I'm not an expert but this is what I chose:

Sanoflore Organic Rose Floral water: a fresh and delicate scent leaving my skin smooth and hydrated, tightens pores and brightens my skin. It has a purifying and soothing effect especially on sensitive skin. I apply it every morning before the moisturizer.

Melvita Mattifying Balancing fluid: a fresh, light and non oily fluid that purifies and balances my skin thanks to birch sap. Peppermint and wasabi extract restore the balance of my skin and contribute to let my skin soft, moisturized, powdery finish and matte all day long! 

Sanoflore Organic Lavender Floral water: purifies and balances my skin by eliminating dulling dead cells and giving my skin a healthy glow. It also keeps the skin hydrated, calm and comfortable for the night. I apply every night before going to bed.  


It's been almost a week now and I have to say that my skin is much better, still not perfect but at least it is on a right path. And you, what are your beauty products and your beauty routine? Anna which brands are you using?