New year, new you!

Hey, Happy New Year everyone! As a new year never starts without new resolution and as new resolution never lasts more than one day, one week or for the more reckless one month ; I would like to share with you some tips on how to start or keep a healthy lifestyle for the whole year to come. 

As a first tip, I would advice you to drink at least one liter of water per day. I know that it is a tip that everyone advice to one another and that when you see a bottle of water, it always seems too giant and endless to drink it all, but it really promotes your weight lose (as it removes fat from your body, help to flush out toxins, reduce hunger and has zero calorie) increases energy (boost your metabolism, help you to stay focus longer and relieves fatigue) improve the quality of your skin (moisturize and keep it soft, fresh and glowing) helps digestion, boosts your immune system, prevents cramps and heal headaches. It order to help you drink more easily, you can have with you 4 small bottles of water of 25 cl or 2 of 50 cl that you can drink throughout the day. You can also add green tea to your day with one cup for your breakfast, another 30 minutes before and after your lunch, and a last one for your snack. Add to your day, vegetables juices and soups! Juicing and souping are the best way to detoxify and nourish your body. Full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutriments and minerals, juicing and souping are perfect to get your body in great shape, promote weight lose, make your body glow from the inside out.

As a second tip, I will advice you to eat well, which means nourishing you body with healthy food. In order to reach that point, try to cook your own food as much as you can and you will see through my blog that you can make food that is both delicious and healthy, quick and easy, satisfying and slimming. I would never say it enough but load yourself on fruits and vegetables! They are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals that help your body regenerating itself, recovering better and functioning correctly. I would also suggest to reduce gluten and dairy products as they are very difficult for human being to digest, to reduce added sugar as much as you can and try to use natural sweetener (cinnamon, maple sirup, shredded coconut...) Then, you should go for healthy fat such as avocado, sesame, coconut olive and canola oil, salmon, nuts, nuts butter... instead of using butter, cream, low-fat products, etc. Try also to eat as colorful as you can, because eating healthy doesn't mean eating flavorless meal. Therefore try to spice, herbs, lemony your meal in order to give taste and colors. But be careful not to season your meal with too much salt as it can increase your sodium intake, rise your blood pressure and create water retention. Then, I will advice you to read labels written behind everything you buy, as a precaution but also as a way to be aware and conscious of what you are giving to your body. Eat whole food as much as you can, which means avoiding nutrient-poor processed foods. Whole foods mainly include plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits and nuts, and organic animal foods such as eggs, meat, fish and poultry. Processed foods do not only have less natural nutrients, they also contain preservatives and chemicals that can be detrimental to health. Nonetheless, preservatives are not the most harmful additives. The sugar, salt, saturated fats, and trans fats that are found in processed foods can increase the risk of numerous health problems, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Processed foods also contain more calories, and they can contribute significantly to weight gain. I would also suggest you to incorporate superfood such as matcha, maca, spirulina, bee pollen, chlorella, etc. in order to boost your immune system and metabolism, improve the quality of your skin, promote weight lose, make your digestive system works better and help your body to detoxify itself.

As a third advice, get your body moving! I suggest you to practice a physical activity at least 3 to 4 times a week in order to keep your body moving and to maintain a good health. For the last few months, I've been following a routine that perfectly suits me: three times a week, I'm doing resistance training to work on my abs, arms, back, thighs, and but. Two times a week, I'm working on my cardio by running, cycling or just walking for at least 30 minutes and as a new challenge I'm going to start interval training which consists of running at a maximum pace for 30 seconds and then running at your lower pace for 30 seconds and so on for at least 15 minutes. I'm also doing a lot of stretching and yoga in order to be in a complete harmony with my body. I suggest you to listen to music while working out or to take a friend with you (a rather good friend so you are not ashamed to show your sweaty face and curly hair) to stay motivated, set goals and achieve it in a more funny way.

As a final tip I would say that everything is about balance. Balance is the key in everything we do. Dancing all night long and practicing yoga the next day. Drinking wine but don't forget to drink green juice the day after. Eating chocolate when your heart wants it and kale when your body needs it. To embrace all sides of who we are. To being bold, spontaneous, loud and brave enough to dream big and let that complement your abilities to find silence, patience, modesty and peace. Make your own rules, follow your own path, define success in your own terms and write your own story. Don't forget to keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. Surround yourself with people who provide you with light and laughter. Be in harmony with what you say, what you do and who you are. Here is to knowing yourself a little bit better and loving yourself a little bit more to be your own inspiration. Do what you love, love what you do and start living. Live in the moment and trust the timing of your life.