LockWood. Paris

French - Yesterday I've been to the LockWood, a very nice cocktails bar which is also a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch, coffee and diner. Once the door is pushed, the atmosphere of this bar can directly be felt when as a background sound you can hear Bob Dylan. Bottles are hung above the bar, lights are soft, walls are in stone, waitresses have tattoos and bartenders have beard and wear hats. Down the stairs, after the large stone vault crossed, carpet on the ground, you sneak into one of the best cellar of Paris. 

If you start your day with them, you'll have bircher muesli, carrot cake, black coffee and fresh juices. If you prefer to have lunch, you will have a choice between salads, soups and sandwiches re-worked with originals ingredients and sauces. As a coffee shop, you'll find all kind of cookies very well presented under bakery-bells. And when the night falls, free italian appetizers are available on the counter, different kind of cocktails are served and guacamole, crostini, gravlax salmon or even chocolate fondant are suggested on the menu. 

A very good place to go, to chill and have a great time. The whole atmosphere makes you want to come back. Once tested, it can only be approved! 

Lockwood, 73 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris. Métros: Sentier (M3), Grands Boulevards (M9) or Bonne Nouvelle (M8-M9). Open everyday except on sunday, from 8am to 2am. Breakfast: from 2€ to 5€. Lunch: from 6€ to 14€, Diner: from 11€ to 15€, Cocktails: from 7€ to 13€.