Detox Juice

I'm a big fan of cold press juice, especially since I bought myself a juice extractor. Fresh fruits and vegetables juices are amazingly healthy. There is no bottle you can buy in supermarkets that are close to competing with what fresh juice has to offer. They're nutritious, refreshing, energizing, filling, rich in multivitamins, beta-carotenes, antioxidants, low in calories and effective for weight loss. 

Apple Carrot Celery Ginger & Lemon

Apple is high in minerals and vitamins. They are a good source of pectin which promotes the digestive system, antioxidants because they assist in cleansing the destructive toxins. Make bones strong and healthy, prevent cancer and improve eye health. 

Carrot is very high in vitamin A, vitamins B and C, Iron and Calcium. They can decrease cancer risk due to the high amounts of beta carotene and help eliminate the free radicals that cause cancer from the body.

Celery contains sodium and potassium that stimulate urine and help remove excess water and uric acid from the kidneys. It is high in vitamin K for preserving skin's firmness and elasticity quality. 

Ginger is very good to increase your immunity level by fighting the growth of bacteria and boosting your ability to fight infection and disease. It also works to neutralize stomach acid and increase the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach.

Lemon helps you lose weight because it contains pectin and soluble fiber that have been proven to aid in weight lose struggle. It also helps to eliminate waste more quickly from your body.

Recipe for two big glasses:

  • 2 Apples 
  • 4 carrots 
  • 3 branches of celery
  • 10 grams of ginger
  • 2 lemon 

Have a wonderful day