Christmas ideas recipes

The freezing weather and the christmas decorations in Paris make me realize that it is time to plan the menu for the Christmas dinner. Of course, those holidays are always synonymous with big meals, fois gras, champagne and chocolate but as we don't want to get too fat for the whole new year coming I thought it would be a good idea to share some healthy recipes to keep your body happy. 

French culture oblige, we cannot get rid of foie gras - and we are glad for that, this is the ultimate christmas treat - I advice you to make you own and don't worry it isn't as difficult as you think. Here is a recipe which describes step by step how to make a foie gras torchon. This perfectly goes along with a figs jam and gingerbread

For those of you, who are more on the sea side, this recipe will bright up your starter and bring down the spot of the foie gras for sure. It is healthy, colorful, full of great fruits and vegetables with enough sweetness such as honey and nuts to make it feels like a christmas treat.

I know that some people love seafood and that oysters cannot be missed. Here is a great recipe to add a bit of exoticism to the traditional way to prepare it. 

Turkey always takes the starring role in any holidays meals, here is a healthy recipe with many sweet ingredients such as cumin, orange, honey and cinnamon to make it even more tasteful.

You can also try to make those king shrimps in cognac sauce, this recipe looks amazing and a bit more light that the turkey one. 

Of course, nothing is better than a chocolate yule log to conclude this amazing christmas dinner. This is a lighter version of this much loved festive treat but don't worry it keeps all the chocolate richness.

But those of you who doesn't like chocolate (if there is such a thing) this fruity and christmas recipe will almost have the same impact than a yule log. 

For a final Christmas touch, when you wake up in the morning, this is an amazing recipe for your brunch family time : Healthy ginger bread pancakes

I hope all those amazing recipes will help you make your Christmas dinner menu and feel free to post ideas!